"Knowing About UK" Event Successfully Held in Shanghai, China

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Our Group, co-organise with WSM Advisory and Morrisons Solicitors LLP, offered a sharing event on 23rd June in Longham Hotel, Xintiandi regarding the hot topics of the UK Brexit affairs and the potential investment opportunities.  Senior consultant from UK property investment, Ms. Michelle Zhang and fellow foreign education export, Ms. Jenny Zhu, jointly attended and offered fruitful information to the guests. 


Under the shadow of the trade war between China and the U.S., while the uncertainties continuous in the progress of the UK Brexit, it becomes so critical to people making the choice on the location for studying overseas, the assessment on the GBP’s fluctuation, determine the investment opportunities and make best arrangement on the passing on to the next generation in the long term.  Our experts discussed and shared extensive information with the guests and it was great on the talking and discussing.


Besides of the excellent sharing brought by the experts, Citic Bank gave great support to this event and shared its brilliant going aboard financial products and one-stop services, specially meeting the needs for those thinking and planning going aboard.  It is a big certain that the demand is solid.  The guests are very interested in the products and we can see non-stop consultation during the tea breaks which was great.


If you or your family are also interested in the UK and would like to know more about the visa policies, investment opportunities, structure design, and taxation compliance, please feel free to reach us for further discussion.


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