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Roger Kam & Co. & R & T Consulting Group Hong Kong Region and China Region work together with their close business partners cross Asia and Europe to provide comprehensive and effective international business solutions to global clients:


Roger Kam & Co. is one of the two founder members of the Alliance of Inter-Continental Accountants ("AicA") established in 2005.

AicA is our Asian strategic alliance and aims to provide advanced cross-border services to our clients in the Asia Pacific Region. The current members are professional firms based in major Asian countries and regions including Hong Kong, the Mainland China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen), Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

AicA members work closely and keep effective communication to share knowledge, experience, local information and updates, and insights with the other members to enable appropriate and feasible solutions can be delivered to our clients with the unreserved support of the other members of our network.

With the valuable contributions from all members, a cross-border regional professional platform has been formed and is able to better serve our global clients to achieve overall business strategic development objectives.

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In 2011, Roger Kam & Co. and The Fidinam Group jointly established Fidinam R&T Consulting Limited (Fidinam R&T) in Hong Kong.

The Fidinam Group was established in 1960 in Lugano, Switzerland, and it was marked very soon by four peculiarities that are still characteristics of the group today: excellence, niche markets services, flexibility of company structure and ability to seize opportunities as they presented. Over the last fifty years, The Fidinam Group has developed different lines of businesses that contributed to create the successful story of the Group.

Fidinam R&T can therefore rely on the support and services of Roger Kam & Co. and The Fidinam Group with operational entities, global network and professional associates established in different countries and regions of the world.

The mission is: “to create comprehensive value for clients, employees, business partners and shareholders by delivering professional services of Swiss quality and Asian efficiency”.

Fidinam R&T offers trust & corporate services to local and international clients.

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